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Corepolis News
Jan 23 2005

Again in Studio - We are again in studio for the recording session of our new CD. We gave a demo preview to the great Mauro Pagani, one of our preferred italian artist. Here together with Mauro Pagani and the great guitarist arranger Mauro Di Domenico, after their concert at Telese Terme (BN).

Sept 25 2004

Concerts in Berlin and Dusseldorf - We were in Germany for the second time in a few months. In May we played in Dusseldorf, while in September we played in Berlin the wonderful castle of Spandau Zitadelle. The atmospere was completely gothic, suggestive. We spent the following day visiting the city ... Thanks Elmar for this opportunity!

Jan 06 2004

Ancient instruments in Neapolitan Presepe Tradition - Calascione, Liuto and Mandoloncello are ancient string instruments which are found in the traditional Neapolitan Presepe of XVIII century. They are currently hand - made built by just few good luthiers. We play these instruments and made a photo session, in ancient costumes, to show you these and others old instruments.

Aug 09 2003

Folk Festival di Val Sarmento - Stage photos of Corepolis, Xicrò, Phaleg, Arch'è, Riccardo Tesi and other premiere folk artists during the Folk Festival di Val Sarmento,  2003 edition. Published on the site

May 08-10 2003

In Athens, Greece - We have been in Athens while, in occasion of the Europe Day, Corepolis represented the Italian folk traditions. We have a lot of photos of this wonderful experience, and you can see them on our Photo pages!

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May 01 2003

Rehershals - Photos during rehershals. We are working on the ending session of a song of Enzo Faraldo, "Palomma e oro", adding jazzed style solos for the live version of the song.

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April 26 2003

Recording - Photos from a recording session.

Pina Valentino Biagio Rossetti Doralisa Barletta 107-0750_IMG.JPG (23970 byte)

April 02 2003

New recording sessions - We are currently working on our new CD. We began recording on March 2003 and plan to release the final works by the end of June 2003. This CD will mainly contain original tunes composed by Corepolis, plus some traditional South Italy music in a completely renewed arrangement. Here you can listen to the actual state of some of the songs, in a temporary and not definitive stage of recordings, which are still in progress. All songs are performed by Doralisa Barletta (voice),  Emilio Di Donato (mandolins and mandoncello), Biagio Rossetti (guitar), Enzo Faraldo (bass), Marco Messina (flute), Franco Faraldo (percussions), Pina Valentino (Percussions).

Download: Sole e Sole (temporary version) - (Music by E. Di Donato / Based on a traditional melody; Produced and arranged by E. Di Donato. All rights reserved ©Corepolis 2003): Based on a traditional melody and lyrics, the music has been rewritten, and an additional chorus from a traditional "filastrocca" has been added for the backing voices in the middle section.

Download: Introduzione alla Zingara (temporary version) - (Music by E. Di Donato - B. Rossetti - V. Faraldo; Produced and arranged by E. Di Donato. All rights reserved ©Corepolis 2003): This was supposed to be only a short intro to a song called "Zingara Traditora". However, it will probably become part of a stand - alone musical tune.

Download: Stella (temporary version) (Music and lyrics by E. Di Donato; Produced and arranged by E. Di Donato. All rights reserved ©Corepolis 2003): This is a simplified version of a lullaby which will be performed, in his definitive version, by a full Strings Orchestra.

March 2003

Concerts news
March 2003 - Corepolis will play in the Athens "Europe Day" Festival, Greece, on May 8 and 9, 2003. The last performance will be held below the Akropolis.

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